Why Options International?

We truly believe that a vibrant and effective housing market is a key ingredient to building a country’s economy.

For this reason, Options works with committed, local individuals to help them to deliver our housing model within their communities.  We identify the impediments to the delivery of large numbers of housing units and work alongside Options’ local chapters to develop strategies to overcome them.

The Options' Model presents an opportunity to address housing demand and economic development in a way that is both respectful of local culture and inclusive of a broad spectrum of the population. In the case of countries that do not have a significant housing development industry, the model can be expanded to serve as a means of generating much needed employment.

Our goal is to deliver 10,000 units of housing in any country, and with the jobs created by this level of production, we aim to transform the economies of the countries we work with for the better.

*Image courtesy of http://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RR1115.html