Vic Chic, Camp Perrin, Haiti

Opsyon Kay Ayiti's mission is to build quality affordable housing in Haiti.

Opsyon Kay Ayiti believes that a vibrant and effective housing market is key to a country's economy and will address the demand for housing and need for economic development in a way that is respectful of local culture and the environment. Ours is a long-term commitment to deliver thousands of quality, affordable houses and support the development of social enterprise. In so doing, our aim is to create good jobs and to help transform the economy. 

After 2 years of planning and preperation, Opsyon's first project is Vic Chic, envisioned as a friendly and secure community for people looking for a home in Haiti or a second home away from home.

The estate of Vil Chic is a development of 64 detached and semi-detached houses. This is a medium density, greenfield build close to the town's hospital, the main road and some shops.

Vic Chic is located at Camp Perrin, the 'green jewel of Haiti'. It is conveniently located 2 kilometers from the town of Camp Perrin yet still very close to the beautiful natural surroundings with a view of Pic Macaya, one of only two national parks in Haiti. From Vil Chic, it's 4 km to Saut-Mathurine, 2 km to La Prise, 13 km to Aeroport Les Cayes Antoine Simon Laborde, 25 km to Gelee and 21 km to La Cayenne.


Vil Chic will be a gated community when completed featuring:

  • Single entrance
  • Very low traffic entrance (roads are used primarily by residents)
  • Community square
  • Street lights
  • Tree-lined road

Amenities include:

  • 2 and 3 bedroom houses
  • Maid's quarters
  • Master ensuites, spacious kitchens, dining and living rooms, built-in closets and parking
  • Individual in-ground sceptic tanks
  • Reliable running water from the development-built well
  • Plaster-finished walls and gypsum ceilings 
  • Metal roof
  • Ceramic flooring
  • Painted exterior steel doors
  • Windows in white aluminum frames and slate glass panes
  • Bathrooms and washrooms equipped with good quality appliances, plumbing fixtures and fittings
  • All fixtures will be supplied by hot water
  • Proper lighting and wall outlets in each room
  • Electicity supplied by public utility service with option to receive backup power supply from inverter
  • Parking and outside corridors are paved in adoquin/cobblestone
  • Front and rear yards are finished in grass with PVC or fencing

Camp-Perrin is a commune founded in the Les Cayes Arrondissement, in the Sud department of Haiti in 1930. Its proximity to the town of Les Cayes helps to maintain a stable population in the surrounding rural area. The main agricultural products are spinach, beans, maize, coffee, tobacco, cassava, yams, bananas and citrus fruits. The main economic activities of the municipality are livestock farming, agriculture, trade and handicrafts. With a population of about 41,000 inhabitants, Camp-Perrin is relatively well-developed in the areas of health and education and have well-maintained roads.

Several hotels are to to found along the irrigation canal, d'Avezac, which runs from Anwokan to Levy. The canal provides fresh water to inhabitants for agricultural and other purposes and is enjoyed as a place of relaxation and recreation for locals and vistors.

The town square in Camp Perrin in front of the Church of St. Anne, patron saint of the commune, is lined with mature trees providing a comforting and comfortable area for social gathering. The Camperrinois take pride in the small, neat gardens surrounding charming buildings and the busy, clean streets of their town. There is a modern complex with a busy supermarket, a pharmacy, a restaurant, a disco and a nightclub in town.

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